Staring at the Sun

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He opened the sea. He holds the earth and the entire universe. He overcame death. He created the rings of saturn. Painted the sky in all its thousands of colors. He made the blind see, the lame to walk. He raised a dead person to three days. He walked on water. Multiplied fish and loaves. He created every creature on earth. He knows the number of stars and the number of your hairs because he put it there. Every fiber of your body, every cells, neurons, veins, he knows. His breath gave life to mankind. His touch heal any disease. Your word has been renewed every day. He forgives the vilest sinner.

He is everywhere. He knows all things. And he can do anything.

So the next time you find a problem too big, tell it and tell yourself that greater is He that is with you.

—   Anne Nascn // What’s Christianity to you? (via worshipgifs)



*puts my ipod on shuffle and skips every song until i get one i was hoping for*


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I’m a writer. I’m supposed to have the right words to say. I should be able to string together elegant words and delicate sentences to express this delight. But I can’t. Speechless is all I can utter.

But to me, that’s more beautiful than any fairytale I’ve ever heard, any love story I’ve ever read, or any dream I’ve ever walked through.

So thank you, thank you for leaving me at a loss for all words. 

—   Katherine Henson (via katherinehenson)

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